Bürotime, exports its products to all over the world following first international sales in 2002, continues to increase global market share. Having completed its large investments abroad during the last three years, Bürotime has become a global player in office furniture sector with its concept showrooms in Europe, Middle East and Africa. On September 11, 2019 the brand has added Athens to its franchises that opened across the Balkans in Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia in 2018. Now, it reinforces its dominance in the region.

Bürotime aims to carry its domestic leadership to the global market with its designs that fit the new generation work culture and continues to expand its overseas markets through newly opened concept showrooms. The company that has a widespread presence across the Balkans with its showrooms in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia and Kosovo has recently added Greece to its franchise network.

Franchise Attack in the Balkans

Bürotime, a global brand of office furniture sector in Turkey, continues to strengthen its presence in the Balkans with newly opened showroom in Athens, the capital of Greece. The showroom opened on September 11, 2019 with the business partnership of Life Concept, a leader which has a long history in the furniture sector of Greece, hosts the latest designs. In the opening celebrated with a pleasant ceremony, Bürotime Board Chairman Hüseyin Tosunoğlu, Bürotime General Manager Şaban İren, Bürotime International Sales Director Ahu Akder, Bürotime Marketing Director Nuran Efendioğlu, and Regional Sales Manager Can Kırmızıtuna hosted the ceremony with the attendance of the Athens Ambassador Burak Özügergin, Trade Attaché Ayşe Özcan Erbilgin and the prominent business people, designers and architects of the region. The store with 300m² area accommodates functional products that meet all the needs of working spaces, social spaces and home office solutions offered by Bürotime to the market in 2019.
We Will Strengthen Our Presence in the European Region

Bürotime Board Chairman Hüseyin Tosunoğlu, who stated that they are taking firm steps towards becoming a global brand with their national and international investments, said: “As part of our overseas plans, we aim to focus on our brand positioning in Europe after the Middle East and Africa Regions. Through our investments, we’ve gained significant market shares in these regions and throughout the Balkans. We strengthen our appearance within the region with our concept showrooms, which we now opened in Greece after Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo and Macedonia. We believe that the positive developments in the Greek economy in the recent years will also have a positive effect on our operations. We will advance our business volume by increasing our presence in the planned regions in line with our goals this year and in the following period. We will maintain our growth momentum in the past years and we will increase our export volume within in total turnover incrementally. Moreover, we will continue to improve our brand recognition with the marketing supports we provide to our franchises. Our aim is to become a world-renowned brand with an international presence. We are aware of the fact that the investments we make in our brand have a positive effect. We never leave our partners alone. We support them with effective marketing plans based on a well-rounded market research. We will continue our investments in the future.”

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