Creativity rises in places where comfort comes to the fore with a sense of belonging.

The office of the future, where the concepts of business and work are free from the boundaries of predefined locations and time incorporates a work culture that is based on teamwork and collaboration of employees who act with a sense of creativity and responsibility at any location, as well as motivation and trust, now more than ever.

Aesthetics, which is offered by technology and digital transformation, triggering the ability to act and think in innovative ways in all areas increases efficiency and supports employee autonomy and thus allowed the home office work culture to become popular.

Customizable areas offer the most convenient office environment for employees. A motivating and comfortable office helps an employee tap into his/her strengths and creativity. Creating offices that offer the convenience of home for the employees play a major role here. 

The effort to create areas where the employee feels comfortable with an understanding that office is a living space highlights the intersection of interior decoration and furniture preferences implemented in offices and homes, which have been transformed through the years. Inspired by this requirement, Bürotime has offered functional and permanent solutions to users ever since it set foot on its journey with a simple design approach and developed “home office” solutions that will increase motivation and productivity of employees without separating them from the cozy atmosphere of their homes considering the dynamics of work offered by a flexible work culture.

Pi Home 

Enabling unique scenarios regarding usage in various settings with a simple design that is configured based on functionality, Pi Home has been designed in line with the dynamics of home office work culture. The cozy sense emanating from wood and natural coating creates an ecological, modern look while seamlessly blending with the home environment.

A simple and fluid form offered by handcrafted solid wood structure highlights an elegant presence and helps to create a pleasing, productive work environment.

Maintaining its contemporary style with a timeless design that adds value to the venue of implementation, Pi Home reinforces its functionality with desktop organizers that respond to various storage requirements. Made of felt cloth with soft tones, the desktop organizer eliminates clutter and helps organize your work environment while units such as metal board, pen holder and mobile toolbox maximize your productivity.

Era Home 

Playing a major role in creating comfortable interiors, solid wood blends with neutral tones to create strong harmony and serenity in Era Home’s language of design, allowing you to create a motivating, cozy work environment in your office. 

Featuring a practical, stylish alternative to eliminate clutter of cables through cable ducts coated with felt cloth, Era Home offers advantages and flexibility in storage thanks to its shelf unit comprising of portable drawers.

Integrated with the desk and offered as an alternative to felt board, often preferred owing to its warm texture and natural material, the metal board alludes to Rustic Industrial Decoration Movement, a language of form incorporating rigid, striking textures on the baseline, which we recently get to see in home and café decoration in addition to offices.

Runner Home 

Emphasizing the unity of functionality with design and aesthetics, Runner Home has been developed for users who would like to have a strong presence in their work areas. 

Integrated with the desk, the felt board alternative provides the user with a cozy atmosphere while interpretation of clear lines of metal with organic transitions and soft lines creates a new form that features a professional balance of polarity.

Allowing display of desktop accessories through flexible storage units and shelf unit, Runner Home enables creation of long desired, customizable work environments through human oriented, functional, everlasting solutions.
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